Friday, September 26, 2014

Gold and Black Half Moon Manicure

Hey guys! Ok, I'm going to share a little inconvenience about having really short, small nails. Those of you who have similar nails will relate. Are you ever looking around on YouTube and you find a really gorgeous nail art design you'd like to try, so you attempt it and then it's just... Asjkldhfgh. That was the case with me the other night, when I came across a design by ChristabellNails, one of my favorite nail artists on YouTube, called Gold and Lace. Here's a link for you: Well, I attempted this, but with my nails being so short, the intricate design just wasn't working. So I removed it, but kept the other bare black and gold ones on, because I really liked the color combo. I wanted to do something simple that would work with short nails, and this is what I came up with!

I freehanded the gold moons and then used some topcoat to adhere the studs tone gold nails. I really like the simple gold half moons on black with the black studs, the studs really pull it all together.

Products used:
Black- Spoiled Visually Slimming
Gold- OPI All Sparkly and Gold
Studs- Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Studs kit

This mani just goes to show that just because your nails are small or short, doesn't mean you can't do some cute and easy nail art on them... And also, even if a design got a little messed up, you can improve it. 



Sunday, September 14, 2014

Glittery Funky French feat. Orly Bubbly Bombshell

This mani was inspired by Erika from Chloe's Nails. Unfortunately, she doesn't post anymore, but her blog is treasure chest of nail art ideas, especially for those of you whose skills lie in tape and stamping rather than freehand. Erika's nails are perfectly squared off, which allows her to use regular Scotch tape to create her signature style, the funky French, usually with black tips. However, my nails aren't perfectly square, so having a perfectly straight tip looks kind of strange on my nails. However, my nails are a bit too square to use the reinforcement method (I showed you that technique in this post; however, it looks best on rounder nails, in my opinion). Finally I figured out how to get the perfect French tip for my nails: freehand it with a tiny brush! Lately I've been doing a lot of freehand work, so I had the idea to use a small brush, because that would be the easiest method for me. 

I started with two coats of Orly Bubbly Bombshell, a super dense, ultra sparkly fuchsia glitter (with the best name. So effervescent!). I actually saw this polish first on Erika's blog, and snapped it up at Sally's! I applied one coat of Essie Good to Go topcoat to smooth out he glitter and I then used Spoiled Visually Slimming and a thin paint brush for the black tips, which is actually Erika's go-to look, as you can gather from her blog. I finished off with one more coat of topcoat. Voila! My first funky French! I adore this look, and I'll definitely be attempting more of them in the future. I've already tried another combo out, Maybelline Impeccable Greys (medium gray) topped with China Glaze Fairy Dust (fine holo glitter topper) with Essie Fiji (light pink) tips. Swoon!

And now for some spam. ;)

Whats your method for creating French tips? Got any suggestions for me? What's your signature look? Comment down below! Thanks so much for reading.