Sunday, December 28, 2014

I Like Sandwiches...

I'm on Team Turkey. Panera is rather delicious. How bout you? Peanut butter? Jelly?

I'm expanding my horizons and trying a jelly sandwich today...

...well, not exactly.

A jelly sandwich is technique where you apply a layer of a translucent jelly polish, then a chunky glitter polish, and top that with another layer of jelly polish. I have a tutorial on this technique (you can find it in the Tutorials tab--it's the very first one in that category!) if you want a more in-depth description.

I used Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Greenlight (which, by the way, doesn't seem to exist. Literally, I can't find any swatches of it online.) Greenlight is a squishy green-toned teal jelly, and when I bought it I actually thought it was a creme. To my surprise, it was a jelly! Hurray!

The glitter I used is Maybelline Clearly Spotted, a really versatile topper of black and white matte hex glitters. 

What would a peanut butter and jelly sandwich mani be? I'm thinking a jelly, a glitter, a shimmer topper, and another layer of a jelly. Huh! I might have to try that out...



Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Edgy Negative Space Nail Art

Hi guys! Today I have some nail art to share with you.

Negative space has been a big trend lately. I personally am a huge fan!

Here it is! I really enjoyed wearing this- I wore it for two whole days, a rarity for me!

First I used my base coat (CND Stickey) and let it dry completely. If you have stained or discoloration, you may want to use a ridge filling base coat or a sheer pink polish, but be sure to let it dry fully before moving on to the next step. Using Scotch tape, I cut of the jagged edges on one end and then positioned it at the base of my nail in a triangle shape and then user Sinful Colors Black on Black to fill in the exposed area. Then I immediately removed the tape.

Next, I used a striping brush dipped into Essie No Place Like Chrome and made two intersecting lines, each parallel to the edges of the bare triangle. (Geometry, guys. Yes.) 

I finished off with topcoat (Essie Good to Go) and added a silver Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art rhinestone. 

What do you guys think? I really like negative space nail art. You can really do a lot with it! How bout you guys! Do you like negative space nail art?



Saturday, December 13, 2014

Nails Niche Peeks: Sinful Colors Mauvelous

Sinful Colors Mauvelous is a murky purple-toned gray-brown. It's a really nice work-appropriate color that's quiet but still really unique. The formula is great, as are most Sinful Colors. Creamy and opaque in two easy coats.

With colors like these I enjoy added some extra sparkle, perhaps with Essie Luxeffects?

Sinful Colors Mauvelous topped with one coat of Essie Pure Pearlfection.

What's your favorite SFW (Safe For Work) color? 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fall Floral Nails (elleandish // Janelle Fall Floral Nails recreation)

Hey there! Today I have some fall floral nails to share with you.

This look was inspired by the talented Janelle, the nail artist behind her channel, elleandish // Janelle. I absolutely adore her channel and videos. Every tutorial is meticulously edited--and it shows! Her voiceovers are so calm and chill. Her designs are really cute and fairly easy to do. She's also a terrific teacher and super easy to understand. Really, guys, you should check her out because her videos are the best I've ever seen! One of her videos is a tutorial for fall floral nails, and I decided to try it out. Here is a link for the video:

I have done floral nails before, and while there are many ways to create flowers on the nails, my favorite way to obtain abstract roses is Janelle's way, which I'll describe in a moment.

(Keep in mind that the instructions I'm giving you are all from Janelle's tutorial, and they're not my own--I simply switched the colors a bit.)

I started off by painting my thumb, pointer, and pinkie nails with a dark green polish. I used Sinful Colors Last Chance, a dark forest green crelly that doesn't creep into the black territory like most dark greens. It's a gorgeous color-- a must if you like green polishes! Beware, this color MAJORLY stains, so I would use two coats of base coat and steer clear of your cuticles! I think I did two or three coats.

I painted my middle and ring fingernails with Sinful Colors Beaches and Cream, a cream color with shimmer that doesn't show up on the nail, but gives it depth. I did three coats because it was a bit streaky.

Then, using Essie Big Spender (a berry-magenta) and Essie Tart Deco (a very orange-toned coral) I made big spots of color on my middle and ring nails using the brush. 

Then, I dipped a toothpick into the cream colored polish and swirled it with the dots to make roses. 

After that, I dipped another toothpick into the dark green and dabbed it onto the nail to make easy leaves. I learned this technique from videos by Cutepolish!

I finished with Essie Good to Go topcoat. 

I really love florals! Do you? Comment down below! See you soon!



OPI Fall 2014 Nordic Collection: My Picks

Today I'm going to share my picks from OPI's Fall 2014 Nordic collection with you, and how I wore them.

First up is Do You Have This Color in Stock-holm? This is a dark purple with strong blue undertones. I've seen a lot of swatches where this leans very blue, but it is definitively purple, but very cool-toned. It still manages to be bright and vivid while being dark! It applies perfectly, super-easy formula (not too thick or thin) with two easy coats. Can I just say that I love OPI's brush? It makes application SO easy and it's the perfect size and flexibility.

I paired this with an accent nail of Funky Fingers Sand and Stilettos, a really dense  silver holo glitter topper. One coat is better coverage than you'd think! 

Next up is My Dogsled is a Hybrid, a beautiful jade/seafoam green. It manages to be bright but muted at the same time! It's really a great pop of color for fall without being too loud. And the formula? This polish, I declare, has the best formula I have ever worked with. It just glides on quickly and easily with the help of OPI's ProWide brush, and the polish isn't too thick or thin, again. Two coats.

I wore this polish twice this week--that's how much I like it! I paired it the first time with an accent nail of Essie Beyond Cozy from their winter 2012 collection. (This was a lemming of mine for a while and I recently came upon it in a dusty nail supply store!) It's a gorgeous, sparkly, unique glitter that's opaque on its own on two coats. It's an interesting hue: a very cool-toned gold or a very warm-toned silver. Or platinum... Depending on your skin tone and the light, it can lean gold or silver. 

I'm also wearing this polish for the second time this week as I type this! I saw a beautiful look on Instagram by the super talented Mllr Design and I recreated it with slight modifications to suit my preference as my nail length. Here's the link to her original nail art on her blog:

I used Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art studs in gold and microbeads in copper and Capri. 

It's so pretty in the sun!

I've heard that the formula on all the polishes in this collections is fantastic, so I might go back for Suzi has a Swede Tooth and With a Nice Finn-ish. 

Do you like these polishes? Have you purchased any from this collection? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!



Saturday, November 22, 2014

Be There or Be Square!

In this case it's "be there or be round..."

Say hello!

The great debut of my Roundies. (Wearing OPI Bubble Bath with Wet n Wild's matte topcoat and two Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art studs.) I enjoy this; yes I do. Subtly chic and trendy.

I broke a corner the other day, and Marta of Chit Chat Nails rounded off her nails too, so it seemed like a good time.

A comparison:

OPI Yodel Me on my Cell on my viciously angular square nails. 

And now for some round spam!

Essie Style Cartel topped with OPI Comet in the Sky. Like a galaxy! Ooh... Ahh...

Sinful Colors Cream Pink. Most certainly not a cream... It's a hot pink with warm undertones and subtle gold shimmer in direct light. Girly!

OPI Do You Have This Color in Stock-holm with an accent of Funky Fingers Sand and Stilettos. I loved this mani!

So there you go! Be there or be square, guys... Except my Roundies are no longer here, lol. I kinda didn't like them after a few days and switched to squoval by squaring off the tips. Ah, there's nothing like the indecisiveness of a nail junkie...

Until next time! What is your favorite nail shape?



Friday, November 7, 2014

Les Misérables Nails

¡Hola chicas! Today I have some Broadway-inspired nail art for y'all. My all-time favorite show is Les Misérables. The music is absolutely wonderful! My favorite songs from it change daily, but right now my favorite are On My Own, Master of the House, Red and Black, One Day More, and the Finale/Epilogue. 
I'm actually listening to One Day More now! 

Recently, I actually saw Les Mis on Broadway! It's come back since it was first shown years ago in 1985, and I got to see it! It was just as amazing as I thought it would be. The acting was fantastic, the set was awesome, and the music... *sigh* the music was just magical. Once the lights went on and the curtain closed after the show had finished, I sat in my seat for a good 5 minutes just thinking about it, and appreaciating the magical music. Once I brought myself back to reality, though, I went to get some autographs. ;) 

Before the show, I saw the movie, which I really liked! The music was great. Did you know that every song in the movie was sung right on set? No one did a recording! Amazing! Anne Hathaway was fabulous, I thought, and even though people said that Russel Crowe was awful, I really loved his voice! After I saw the movie, I created several Les Mis stations on Pandora Radio, and I listen to them every day! It's really nice to hear all different versions of the same soundtrack from different productions with different voices.

Obviously, for such an exciting occasion I had to do some Les Mis nail art! I used the cover of one of the albums I'd been looking at for months while listening to the music. This is what was on the playbill from the original production in 1985.

And here is what I came up with! 

On the pointer and pinky nails I created a black and white dry-brush. I started with a base of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On and then swiped an almost-dry brush of Sinful Colors Black on Black. These nails were created to imitate the black and white "scribbled" image of the girl (Cosette) on the original playbill. I then added a gold stud to the base of those nails from the Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Studs Kit using a dab of topcoat. This was to imitate the gold lettering on the playbill. Voila!

On the middle and ring nails I used diluted polish on a white base to imitate the smokey red and blue background on the playbill. First I started out with a white base (Sally Hansen White on White). Then, to create the smokey effect, I put a few drops of a dark red polish (Sinful Colors Race Rubber) onto a piece of tinfoil. Then, I added a few drops of acetone-based nail polish remover. Using a small flat paintbrush, I mixed these together to create a watered-down version of the red. Then, using that paintbrush, and dabbed this mixture onto the left thirds of my nails. I then cleaned my brush and repeated this with a dark blue polish (Essie Style Cartel) on the right thirds of my nails. Really, I did a bit more than one-third for each color, because I wanted there to be just a thin strip of white in the middle. It worked really well! The dilution of the colors made them a bit lighter than they are naturally, but it still turned out great, in my opinion. I love how well the smokey effect turned out! It looks just like the playbill to me.

I finished with topcoat, Essie Good to Go, and there you go! :)

My normal hand pose turned the colors upside down, but that's ok, because on the French flag it goes blue-white-red. Win-win!

Playbills are really a great source of inspiration for nail art! What is your favorite Broadway show? Do you like Les Mis? What's your favorite song? I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts in the comments! Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day! 



Friday, September 26, 2014

Gold and Black Half Moon Manicure

Hey guys! Ok, I'm going to share a little inconvenience about having really short, small nails. Those of you who have similar nails will relate. Are you ever looking around on YouTube and you find a really gorgeous nail art design you'd like to try, so you attempt it and then it's just... Asjkldhfgh. That was the case with me the other night, when I came across a design by ChristabellNails, one of my favorite nail artists on YouTube, called Gold and Lace. Here's a link for you: Well, I attempted this, but with my nails being so short, the intricate design just wasn't working. So I removed it, but kept the other bare black and gold ones on, because I really liked the color combo. I wanted to do something simple that would work with short nails, and this is what I came up with!

I freehanded the gold moons and then used some topcoat to adhere the studs tone gold nails. I really like the simple gold half moons on black with the black studs, the studs really pull it all together.

Products used:
Black- Spoiled Visually Slimming
Gold- OPI All Sparkly and Gold
Studs- Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Studs kit

This mani just goes to show that just because your nails are small or short, doesn't mean you can't do some cute and easy nail art on them... And also, even if a design got a little messed up, you can improve it. 



Sunday, September 14, 2014

Glittery Funky French feat. Orly Bubbly Bombshell

This mani was inspired by Erika from Chloe's Nails. Unfortunately, she doesn't post anymore, but her blog is treasure chest of nail art ideas, especially for those of you whose skills lie in tape and stamping rather than freehand. Erika's nails are perfectly squared off, which allows her to use regular Scotch tape to create her signature style, the funky French, usually with black tips. However, my nails aren't perfectly square, so having a perfectly straight tip looks kind of strange on my nails. However, my nails are a bit too square to use the reinforcement method (I showed you that technique in this post; however, it looks best on rounder nails, in my opinion). Finally I figured out how to get the perfect French tip for my nails: freehand it with a tiny brush! Lately I've been doing a lot of freehand work, so I had the idea to use a small brush, because that would be the easiest method for me. 

I started with two coats of Orly Bubbly Bombshell, a super dense, ultra sparkly fuchsia glitter (with the best name. So effervescent!). I actually saw this polish first on Erika's blog, and snapped it up at Sally's! I applied one coat of Essie Good to Go topcoat to smooth out he glitter and I then used Spoiled Visually Slimming and a thin paint brush for the black tips, which is actually Erika's go-to look, as you can gather from her blog. I finished off with one more coat of topcoat. Voila! My first funky French! I adore this look, and I'll definitely be attempting more of them in the future. I've already tried another combo out, Maybelline Impeccable Greys (medium gray) topped with China Glaze Fairy Dust (fine holo glitter topper) with Essie Fiji (light pink) tips. Swoon!

And now for some spam. ;)

Whats your method for creating French tips? Got any suggestions for me? What's your signature look? Comment down below! Thanks so much for reading.




Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Chains Nail Art

Today I have a really edgy mani to show you. Combining matte black, silver, and chains creates a great punk look. Check it out:

I started with a base of Spoiled Visually Slimming and added a coat of Essie Matte About You. (Which I've spotted in CVS; it's about time it started going retail. Woo-hoo!) I then used a thin brush to paint silver chains zigzagging across my nails, so each chain kind of flowed into the next, making it a little more seamless. I used Essie No Place Like Chrome for the chains. I did not use topcoat for this mani. The contrast between the matte black and the metallic silver is so striking, I think, and the fact that the chains are kind of messy makes it so much more edgy.

What do you think of this mani? 




Saturday, July 26, 2014

Essie Sparkle On Top Swatch and Review

Hola, chicas. Today I have a swatch of an Essie Luxeffects polish for you. It's fairly new; from the most recent sub-(?)collection of Luxeffects released in winter 2013. It's called Sparkle On Top.

This polish is a bit of a shard glitter/flakies hybrid, a little softer and denser than shard glitter, but sharper than flakies. This creates a sort of iced look, almost as if your nails were frosted with ice. Try layering it over brighter shades for a summer mani to keep your nails looking cool like an iced beverage; or layer it over darker shades for a look that puts winter frost on grass to shame. 

Formula wise, this polish is easily spreadable across the nail using a medium-thick coat, but the polish is indeed a bit thick. It covers perfectly in one coat. The base look of it is kind of like sharper flakies, but some larger shards may end up on the nail too. They have a cool-toned sheen, so this polish would probably look better over cooler-toned polishes.

Here it is over Essie Mod Square, an example of an awesome summer look. Mod Square has an even balance of warm and cool undertones, so it worked nicely.

And here it is over OPI Ogre the Top for a wintry mani. You can see that the blue-green reflections in Sparkle On Top go nicely with the cyan base.

That's all for today, chicas. Hope you enjoyed!




Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mermaid Scales Nail Art (Christabell Nails Recreation)

Hi guys! So today I was browsing around YouTube while sporting bare nails, a dangerous combination, and I happened to stumble upon a glorious video by Christabell Nails. She is a fantastic nail artist with a flair for freehand, and she's talented too. So when I found her video on Mermaid/Fish Scale nails, of course I had to try it out! She used a Rica polish that I would love to have, but unfortunately do not have, so I subbed another polish from my stash: Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe, a gorgeous dark blue jelly with emerald green and sky blue glitters (though I wish it had the bubbly effervescent circle glitters in Rica's polish). I simply followed Christabell's tutorial and it turned out great! This is three coats of Across the Universe with one coat of topcoat, followed by the design painted with my Hot Designs Nail Art Pen in white, sealed in with one more coat of topcoat.

My pinkie did get a little wonky... Oh well :P

These nails were pretty easy, and they look absolutely beautiful! 

Here's a link to Christabell's video, if you'd like to recreate it




Thursday, July 3, 2014

Watermelon Ruffian Manicure

It's getting super hot here, and it's starting to really feel like summer! So naturally, I had to do a summer-esque mani. Namely, a watermelon ruffian. I saw it originally over at Adventures in Acetone. You can check out her post here:

I actually just noticed that we used the same base color. Weird! I tweaked the mani to my liking a bit, however.

Anyway, I started with a base of OPI Jade is the New Black, a dusty emerald green with blue undertones. Then, using a small paintbrush dipped into Nicole by OPI Lay it on the Lime, a lime green with yellow undertones, I created thin vertical lines going down the nail. This polish was great to imitate the stripes on the rind because it's pretty sheer, so the lines resembled a real watermelon! After that was dry, I did the ruffian using Essie Sunday Funday, a coral that leans more pink than orange in most lights. To do a ruffian, start the center stroke of polish down a little further than normal and stroke down. Follow the curve of your cuticle to paint the two side strokes down the same length. Lastly, I used a Hot Designs nail art pen to make three black seeds by pressing down with a drop of polish and then lifting up to make a point.

Have you tried any summer manicures lately? What do you think of this one?




How to Make Your Sally Hansen Color Foils Look Perfect possible.

If you follow the world of nail polish, you are sure to know that Sally Hansen has been busy with a few new collections, one of which is called Color Foils! A nod to the Chrome line from the early 2000's, these babies are infused with aluminum to make them as shiny and reflective as can be. (With that said, they are not Minx. Color Foils are pretty dang reflective, but you will not miraculously discover ten little mirrors on your fingers.) 

Although these polishes are indeed quite awesome, we do hit one little snag. Sally Hansen instructs not to use base or topcoat with Color Foils. On top of that, chrome polishes tend to show every little imperfection in your nails, like ridges, peelies, dents, and much, much, more-- possibly stuff you didn't even know you had. While some ladies out there are blessed with smooth nails, others are not, me being one of them. Sadly, Color Foils do not react well with ridge filling base coats, or any other type, as a matter of fact. I tried. The polish went all baldy and clumpy and draggy, and while you may be telling yourself (if you are nail expert) "Oh, I can avoid this, piece of cake," you won't be able to. Sorry to burst your bubble, but no matter how well you apply with however light a hand, you will not be able to make these work with a base coat alone. It's just not gonna happen. Instead of buffing my nails to the point where they're tissue paper-thin, I ventured out to find a way to hide my ridges and dents by still using a base coat. Be a rebel, guys, and read on.

So here is what Titanium Flush looks like alone, without base or topcoat. Titanium Flush is hot pink chrome with fuchsia undertones.

You can see all of my ridges and dents, especially on my middle and pinkie fingers. Joy. 

I then removed it and tried it over my Essie First Base base coat. I can now confidently say that Color Foils look their worst over any sort of tacky base coat. It dragged and clumped and looked awful. Back to the drawing board!

I removed that and realized that my smoothest, driest coat of all would be of my topcoat, Essie Good to Go. I applied my two base coats, Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hardener and Essie First Base, which together do a pretty got job of concealing my ridges. I then applied my topcoat. I waited until that was completely dry, and then painted two coats of the Color Foil. OH EM GEE!!! CHROMEY PERFECTION! 

I'm so sorry, but by the time I got to this combo I was pretty impatient, and I pretty much slapped it on and had no interest in cleaning up. I hope you can forgive me! :(

But seriously... How much of an improvement is that!? I experienced very little clumping and dragging, but my additional advice is to use a light hand and not press on the nail with the brush.

So to recap the layers are as follows:

1 coat Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hardener
1 coat Essie First Base
1 coat Essie Good To Go
2 coats Titanium Flush


1 coat ridge filler
1 coat topcoat
2 coats Color Foil

I hope this helps your Color Foils look as AWESOME as possible! Good luck!




Saturday, June 28, 2014

Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil Review

So today I'm changing things up a bit and doing a review on one of my favorite nail care products: Essie's Apricot Cuticle Oil.

This comes in a classic bottle like the ones Essie polishes come in. It has the same skinny brush, too. 

I started using this product a few months ago. Now, I haven't tried many cuticle products. The two I've tried are the two I like, this one and Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, so I am not an expert on cuticle products, but I really do like this one.

This oil is available wherever Essie products are sold. It is usually displayed along with base and topcoats.

This oil is a good consistency, not too thin or thick. 

It's light and absorbs fairly quickly, but still leaves a slight shine.

 It has a light apricot scent that is fragrant but not too strong. It's actually pretty scrumptious!

It softens your cuticles so they're easier to push back.

It's fairly easy to apply, but because of the structure of the bottle you will essentially only be able to apply it easily where you can apply polish easily. If you can sit on your bed with a polish bottle in your hand and paint your nails, you will most likely be able to do the same with this cuticle oil. However, if you're like me and need and flat surface to do your nails on, you'll need to apply this oil on a table or something of that nature. In other words, I don't recommend this oil for travel. For this reason, I kind of wish it came in a tube or something so you could take it on the go. 

The thing I like most about this oil is that it gives your cutes a clean, polished look in seconds! However, I find that, while it does moisturize your cuticles, the moisture it gives doesn't last as long as other products I've tried. 

Overall Rating:
8 1/2 out of 10. I really like this product and I feel that you do get a lot of oil for your money's worth. However, I docked a half a point for the lack of portability and a point for not providing long lasting moisture. That being said, I do recommend this product. It's the first cuticle moisturizer I tried, and you can see the difference it made in these pictures below. However, I would not recommend this product for "fixing" your cuticles if they're very damaged. Granted, that is what I used it for, but it took a pretty long time to get them in an acceptable state... like, a few months. Rather than using this oil to fix your cutes, you may want to use this oil to maintain them.

Here is a picture before I started using the cuticle oil. You can see the hangnail on the left side of my thumb and the raw area on the right with some dryness mixed in all around. Sigh... Not pretty.
Here is a picture taken today, about four months later. 



I hope this review has helped you! Good luck in all of your nail care ventures!




Monday, June 9, 2014

Some Recent NOTD's

Greetings, nail lovers! I have A LOT of catching up to do with my NOTD's, so I guess now's the time! Some of them are recreations of various YouTubers' or bloggers' designs, in which case I will link to their post. Oh, and one more thing! I've been doing my lovely friend's nails recently, so some of these mani's are hers.

Here we have a lace half moon mani. This is a sort of recreation of Lucy's Stash's Lace Half Moon Manicure, one of several that she's done. I used Spoiled Correction Tape to paint the white base. I waited for it to completely dry, then applied reinforcement stickers to the "half moon" area and painted over it with Sinful Colors Cream Pink, a squishy neon pink with gold shimmer, and peeled off the reinforcements, revealing a white half moon. I waited for THAT to dry, and then used a black Hot Designs nail art pen to make a smaller half moon inside the white one and then black dots at the edge of the white half moon, and then connected the small black half moon to the black dots with black lines. Wheeee!

Here is just a simple mani with an floral accent nail. This are the gorgeous nails of my very dear friend, who I am currently getting addicted to nails. The hot pink is Essie Mod Square, which you can find a review of here. The accent nail is Essie Fiji, with flowers made with a dotting tool. The blue is Essie In The Cab-ana and the silver centers are Essie No Place Like Chrome. This mani definitely shows that I LOVE Essie!

This mani is based on the Chit Chat Nails' technique called a Skittlette, which she describes here. I like this idea a lot! However, I didn't quite like the result. Originally I had made the my pinkie completely covered in pink glitter, but I didn't like the look of that, so I took it off and changed it up. I started with a black base (Spoiled Visually Slimming). I then used a tiny paint brush to paint small swirls on the middle and ring fingers with Essie Mod Square and then went over the swirls with Essie A Cut Above. I finished with a matte top coat and then added a faux rhinestone with A Cut Above at the base of the nails. Done!

This is a nice mani, cute and sweet. It is a recreation of cutepolish's Pearls and Pastel nails, which I really liked! I painted the bottom half of my nails with Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac. I then added white stripes to the purple with Spoiled Correction Tape with a tiny brush and used a dotting tool to add white dots where the purple met the naked nail. I added OPI Happy Anniversary! to the white dots to imitate the nail art pearls (which I don't have). I finished with top coat, and then added a matte top coat to the polish! Pretty!

Here are my awesome friend's nails again! This is a simply triangle look. I started with Sally Hansen Pixie Slicks, a nice bright pink. I then blocked off a triangle with Scotch Tape at the tip of the nail with Spoiled Paying With Platinum, an interesting duochrome. It's grayish with flashes of purple, and at extreme angles, green. It went well with the pink... I like green and pink and purple together!

This is a recreation of a look from a video by MissJenFABULOUS, a YouTuber. I started with Essie In The Cab-ana on my thumb, pointer, and pinkie fingers and Sally Hansen Pixie Slicks on my middle and ring fingers. I stroked In The Cab-ana down the middle of my middle and pointer fingers and then, with a tiny paintbrush, I flicked white (Spoiled Correction Tape) and the pink over the blue. On my 
thumb, pointer, and pinkie fingers, I made a large dot of pink at the base of my nail and a smaller pink dot above it, and smaller white dots inside the pink dots. Voila!

This was a rainbow dotticure. I used (in ROY G. BIV order) Essie Mod Square, Essie Really Red, Sally Hansen Sun Kissed, some non-brand random yellow ice cream shaped polish, Spoiled I'm So Jaded, Sally Hansen Blue Me Away, and OPI Funky Dunkey. I made rows of dots with a dotting tool. I wore it like that, then a few days later added Maybelline Clearly Spotted on top. It looked sort of ombre this way!

Now we have watermelon nails, again on my BFF. I started with Sally Hansen Coral Reef for the watermelon color, and then with the Kelly Green polish from the Hot Designs nail art pen I made a green French tip. I added a white line with the white Hot Designs pen in between the green and coral. Then, with the black pen, I added three seeds on the coral.

Last (and kind of least), we have a jelly sandwich. The polish I used was a bit too opaque, but oh well. I started with two coats of Orly Sky Blue Color Flip, a blue polish with a lavender and sometimes sea foam green sheen. I added a coat of Essie Set In Stones, a silver hex glitter, and then another coat of Orly. It turned out to be a bit thick, but it was a really nice mermaid-y look.

Whew! Well, that's it! I'm all caught up. I hope you enjoyed, and maybe it gave you some inspiration! If you decide to recreate something, please show me in the comments down below! See ya!